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What Is Woodworm?

Before being able to treat woodworm, it is vital to understand a little about this age-old problem. It is in fact a generic term for wood-boring larvae, as many insect species come from larvae that take particular pleasure in feasting on wood. This is, of course an issue with property owners.

Conditions that Woodworm require

In order for woodworm to thrive it needs a relative humidity over 60%. This gives it ideal conditions in which to live. But, once established, it is not unknown for woodworm to persist for several years before it completes its lifecycle, instead of just one in more humid, normally abandoned buildings or cellars and basements or outbuildings. This makes it very important to eradicate the problem early on. If you have recently brought old furniture in from an outbuilding you should certainly check if this is the source, should you notice a problem. This leads us on to…

Tell-tale signs of Woodworm

When it comes to looking for the evidence you need to pinpoint woodworm as the cause of your troubles, look no further than exit holes. For woodworm, they should be round and uniform holes of around 2 mm. Such holes are proof that a woodworm has completed its lifecycle by eating enough to become an adult and flee its woody host. If you see this sign your wood and maybe more sites in your property need treating post-haste!

In addition to the exit hole you will see a dusty deposit which is actually woodworm faeces. It is a gritty, powdery substance with a creamy colour and is a sure sign that woodworm is inside the wood in your property.


After inspection and verification of woodworm, [treatment](https://www.damp2dry.co.uk/damp-services/timber-treatments) will usually involve spraying with a targeted insecticide. You will usually be able to resume habitation within the same day of treatment as the new sprays are far more human friendly!

Getting a survey is extremely important if you suspect woodworm.

Arrange a Woodworm Survey

If you are in Yorkshire or the surrounding areas Damp 2 Dry will be delighted to help. The first step is to arrange an appointment here so that one of our expert surveyors can come and assess any damage and pinpoint the right remedial action. If you would like to talk to someone on the phone, our dedicated team are on hand to answer your questions.

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Posted on Feb 28, 2020.

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