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Problems with condensation, damp patches on walls and unexplained puddles can be indicative of an underlying damp problem.

Damp can lead to a whole host of property issues including structural damage as well as being a major cause of an unhealthy living environment.

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Here's how Damp2Dry can help

Damp2Dry can remove all doubt by providing a comprehensive damp survey for your property, highlighting all potential problems and suggesting practical long-term solutions.

Our expert engineers at Damp2Dry will ensure that your damp problems go away and stay away.

We use the latest technology to assist in carry out these surveys.

More in-depth surveys can also be undertaken should you require this. For example we can carry out sub floor surveys and surveys for homebuyers so should you be purchasing a property and require a damp and timber survey please do not hesitate to contact us. Damp2Dry covers the Yorkshire regions, Mansfield and Chesterfield and are experts in eradicating all types of damp including: Rising Damp, Condensation, Water Damage, Penetrating Damp and Lateral Damp.

Trust your damp problems to the Damp Proof Specialists at Damp2Dry and relax, knowing that you are in the hands of a professional company with many years of experience in solving damp problems.

Please note that damp surveys for home owners are carried out free of charge. If you are purchasing a property, there will be a charge payable for the survey.

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