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Damp2Dry specialise in providing expert solutions for problems with damp. Untreated damp can lead to a host of property problems including structural damage so early treatment is crucial.

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At Damp2Dry our damp proofing specialists can diagnose the problem and provide the solution which will ensure that your property remains free from damp for years to come. We have many years of experience in the preservation and building industries and can offer an expert damp solution at a very competitive rate. Damp patches on walls and puddles of water can be indicative of a far more serious underlying damp problem and should always be thoroughly investigated.

At Damp2Dry we are experts in treating all types of damp problems including; Rising Damp, Lateral Damp, Condensation, Penetrating Damp and Rainwater Damage.

Types of damp

Rising damp is more common in older properties and this tends to occur through failed damp proof courses. A lot of properties seem to have a number of damp proof courses installed and it is not always down to failed damp proof courses. Plasterwork tends to be one of the main reasons after a damp proof course has been installed and damp starts to show again.

Lateral damp occurs at the ground floor and is associated with adverse ground levels and boundary walls. Also on streets built on hills where concrete floors are higher than the neighbours. Tanking is then required where ground levels cannot be reduced.

Condensation is fast becoming a big problem. Windows streaming and black mould to name but a few problems associated with condensation. Black mould is toxic and should you see this in your property you should get in contact straight away. The humidity levels in your property will need reducing to combat this.

Penetrating damp occurs to any external walls. this could be down to poor pointing, render defects and missing tiles to name but a few. Most external problems get sorted straight away without dealing with the internal plasterwork.

Rainwater damage ​is associated with poorly maintained rainwater services and flooded areas.

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