Cellar Conversion & Tanking

Many older properties feature basements or cellars which can be converted into a usable, habitable space.


A basement conversion or cellar conversion is a great way to add more space and value to your home, it is this potential that is persuading growing numbers of homeowners to develop these areas as an affordable alternative to moving. Basement conversions can provide a cost effective stress free way to add an entire extra floor of living space to your home without many of the restrictions a loft conversion could present to renovations. With a little creativity and expert advice. 

Damp2Drycan implement all basement installation services, our specialists will assist you in the management of your project, and will take full control leaving you hassle free and less to worry about. Using a legitimate company when embarking on a cellar or basement conversion is essential. Which is why you can trust a qualified specialist basement conversion company like Damp2Dry. Failure to use a reputable company such as Damp2Dry can lead to problems in the future and could even be dangerous. There are two ways to do a cellar conversion. Damp2Dry specialise in cellar conversions and can advise homeowners on the best technique for their property. As cellars or basements are usually surrounded by damp earth it is it is fundamental to guarantee that any conversion is completely tanked to eradicate the risk of damp in the future. 


Damp proofing a cellar can be carried out in two ways. The first option is cement-based. This strategy involves waterproof cement membrane, being applied to the internal walls of the cellar or basement. The second option is Cavity Drainage which involves water being channelled into drainage ducts from which it can then be pumped out of the property. Damp2Dry can advise as to which technique is most suitable for your property.

It must be stressed that not all cellars or basements are suitable for conversion. Various factors need to be taken into consideration such as whether the cellar is liable to flooding or if access is restricted. satisfactory ventilation must be available as well as a possible alternative escape route in the event of a fire. Indeed, most basement or cellar conversions will require compliance with building regulations. 

Damp2Dry can guarantee that all necessary regulations are adhered to and can liaise with local planning departments to ensure that any cellar conversion is safe and legal. If your cellar or basement is suitable for conversion you will need to think carefully about how your new space will be used. If you are planning to convert it into a kitchen or bathroom, then drainage and power points will need to be in place prior to tanking. 

Damp2Dry Trusted throughout West Yorkshire! We have worked on various conversion projects for a variety of properties throughout the entirety of West Yorkshire. We’ve got the expertise to match your property.

Don’t move – improve! Damp proof your Convert your cellar for peace of mind and added value to your home in Leeds

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